Photo Page For Charlie Company
1st Bn 4th Marines
Page One

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'Ed' Edmond

Boozin' wid da

Till and
Tom Morrissey
( Tom KIA 6/5/68)


Left To Right
Terry Tillery
Dan Burton

Left To Right
Tom Morrisssey-KIA, Doc Mac Mecham,
Dan Burton, Bennie Laparen
Cox, Franco, Edwards, Hobbs

Unk Doc, and
Clabie 'Ed' Edmond-
60 mm section


Doc Mac Mecham

Don Heylin, Larry Douglas

Ed Magee, Terry Tillery
at Gio Linh


John Chambers
pointman extraordinaire

Larry Schneider
60 mm

Mike Kilderry-
KIA-Died of wounds


Machine Gunners
at LZ Stud

Doc Mac Meacham, John Chambers, Rick Popp
Dan Burton,Behind Radioman
George King-KIA 6/6/68, Jimmy Keeling, Teddy Barbour-KIA 6/6/68

PFC Hayden


Ben Learma

Maj Negron

Rick Popp


Rod Rodriquez

Lt. Cannonball-FO,Capt Negron, Lt. Tim Rabbitt
Doc ?, Dan Burton w/bottle

Terry Tillery


Burton, Negron, Jack McLean

Capt Negron's
last day

Left, George King-KIA 6/6/68, Sgt Hume, Bill Bjorndahl
Till, Willingham, Mike Kilderry-
KIA 7/6/68