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Those They Lost To War
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Thurman Moore

Tribute To:

To my many Deceased Buddies,

From Thurman Moore

H&S Comm 1st Bn 4th Marines 1967-68

I'm a person of many personalities.  I can be a friend to many and a foe to all.
Whichever I am or was to the many that I remember, I was one thing that would always
show through............I was LOYAL.

And I'm very loyal to the ones that meant the most to me.  The Marine Corps taught me,
'You don't have friends, you have associates.'  'You learn to never trust your buddie.'
These words stuck with me until I entered the Infantry Training Regiment, Camp
Pendleton, California during August, 1965.  There I met many people who became my
friends and buddies.  After twelve weeks of Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, I
learned to laugh again.  I was taught what it actually meant to have friends.  I met
guys who made an impression on me.  They taught me to laugh at myself and not always get
mad or settle my differences in a fist fight. They showed me how to look at myself as they
saw me.  A young, hard headed, bad tempered, black street kid, with an attitude.  When they
got that into me, I saw I was no different from them.  A young black kid away from home
for the first time on his own.  And that he didn't have to prove a damned thing to anyone.
And most of all the term, 'don't trust your buddie, and you have no friends', was
misunderstood and admitted it to others and most of all to himself.  I left the states
for Okinawa and new people.

There was a First Sgt. Echols who taught me a lot and kept me straight.  Then I learned
to take charge and cry.  I learned what hurt really was.  I found out death was swift,
silent, and permanent.  It silences the laughter of everyone.  It takes away that beautiful
smile.  It stops the constant chatter.  This came true my last night on Okinawa with my
best friends.  One guy said, through the tears we shared this night, 'we ain't gonna make
it.  Ain't none of us gonna make it'.  Those words hit home this night because no one was
thinking about dying until that moment.  And I've remembered that for over 33 years.
And because of those memories I remembered my buddies that didn't make it.........

Kenneth M. Jackson, Hughlen Henderson, Theodore B. Silas, LeAndrew Spencer, Jr., John H. Bell,
Marion L. Lee, Jr., Charles A. McGee, Jerry D. Lee, Herman Penn, Charles S. Satcher,
Kerry L. Williams, William R. (The Sud) Sutherlin, Larry M. Berry, Thomas A. Jennings,
Rodney C. Upchurch, James E. Dozier, Eugenio E. Fernandez, Jr., Bruce A. Iles, LaMarr Fisher,
Arbal Rollins, Jr., Wilson J. Maize, Claiborne L. Shaw, Michael D. Mitchell, Litael Jordan,Jr.,
Clyde D. McDonald, Leslie A. Devers, Jr., Daniel Harmon, Leroy Davis, Jr., Michael Sears,
Charles R. Allen, Albert Gunn, Avery Cooper, Ronald E. Satchell, Gerald A. 'Champ' Champion,
Warren T. Scott, Ronald E. Frizzell, Donald L. Fowler, Clarence E. Johnson, and Clarence E. Jones, Jr.

The laughter, the smiles, the talk, the chatter, the fun, the good times
and the bad.  Will remember all of you, and the ones I haven't
found yet.  LOYALTY is forever.  Your friend in death as in life,


Tribute to:
 William R. Sutherlin (The Sud)
"To my Friend and Fellow Marine Brother Whom I served with in D Company
1st Bn 3rd Marines Wpns Plt and saw give his life in Vietnam"
And Friend Of Thurman Moore of H&S Comm 1st Bn 4th Marines
was Killed and sent to our LORD on
May 19th, 1966, You are still and will always be in my Heart, You were
a Good Friend, Son, Brother, and God is the better for haveing you with Him.
By Emmett W Queen Sgt. Retired USMC
This 8th Day of Sept, 1998

Tribute to:
 James R. Scalf
A good friend and a good man from Oklahoma
KIA April 1967.


S/Sgt. Donald Gustaffson
One of the finest ever.
KIA Con Thien, May 7,1967
By David Lovewell, Alpha 1/4
May 3,1999

Tribute to:
 Jesus Limones
A special person and dear friend
KIA on May 8, 1967
 on Con Thien while serving with Delta Co.
1st Battalion Fourth Marines
 By Ben Cuartilon, Delta 1/4
May 8, 1999

Tribute to:
 Sgt. Patrick 'Chesty' Kelly
Took me under his wing after boot camp at Station MCAS Kenoehe Bay,
 Oahu, Hawaii.  A dearer friend I've never known.  May he rest in eternal
peace as he does with me forever.
 Semper Fi Sgt. Kelly
 By William L. Ferretti, Charlie 1/4
May 14, 1999


Tribute to:
 L/Cpl. Lewis Neal Welsh
 A special person and friend.  We were together that night.
 One lived, the other didn't.  I will never forget this man
 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who gave up his life for
 his country, at the age of twenty-one, on 17 May 1966, in
 South viet Nam's I Corps, while serving with Delta Company,
 1st Bn. 4th Marines, 3rd Plt.  He has gone, but will never
 be forgotten.
By David T. Roberts, Delta 1/4
June 15, 1999

Tribute to:
 1st Lt. David "Vic" Westphall
Your dad built the Viet Nam Memorial in Angel Fire where you
grew up for all Viet Nam Vets, but when I go home back across
the mountains, to Taos, I know it's yours and you are loved.
Watch over all the other guys from "Meek Jane Bravo" like
you watched over me.
Semper Fi Jake
Thomas L. Jacobs
July 5, 1999

Tribute to:
Dean Rainwater
Sept. 16, 1966
Semper Fi
Howard W. Reid
July 18, 1999

Tribute to:
My childhood friend Roland Hernandez, Bravo 1/4
KIA May 22, 1968
Semper Fi from Lucio Jimenez, Jr.
July 31, 1999

Tribute to:
Richard Lee Walker was sent to 2/4 and was KIA in
June 1967.  He was from Maryland.
If it's possible I'd like to
find out how he was killed.  He was a buddie
at LeJeune for 1 year and Pendleton before we were separated
in Viet Nam.
Semper Fi
Michael Boston
Oct. 21, 1999

Tribute to:
Cpl. Douglas W. Lee
Killed In Action March 26, 1967, Easter Sunday,
while participating in Operation Beacon Hill.  He was awarded the Silver Star
for his bravery during Beacon Hill.  Cpl. Lee is interned at the National Cemetary
at Salsbury, N.C.

Cpl. Lee's widow would like to hear from those Cpl. Lee may have given his life for
or those whom he may have served with.

Submitted this date
Dec 3, 1999.

Tribute to:
In memory of L/Cpl. Michael B. Grimes, Bravo Company, 1st Bn 4th Marines
Regiment, KIA March 22, 1967, near Gio Linh, Viet Nam.  God bless Mike, my friend,
you were a great guy.  Your sacrifice will be remembered always.

Pat Laughlin

Submitted this date
Jan 30, 2000.

Tribute to:
Gy/Sgt Benjamin Albin Chitko
A career Marine from Pimbine, Wisconsin who gave his life for
his country on Sept. 16, 1966 in Quang Tri, South Viet Nam, while serving with
Delta Co. 1st Bn 4th Marines.  He was out numbered three to one and had nowhere to go
but home, to his Lord.  You can rest in peace now Gunny.
Semper Fi
By David T. Roberts, Delta/1/4
February 7, 2000

Tribute to:
Lt. George Richard Fitzgerald
A 2d Platoon Commander of Delta/1/4 compoetely surrounded died because he
refused to leave his men lying dead in an ambush killing zone
at Quang Tri, South Viet Nam on Sept. 17, 1966.  From Bridgeport,
Connecticut, and a leader of Marines, he was an excellent example to all Officers
and men he served with.  Hand salute, Sir.
By David T. Roberts Delta/1/4
February 7, 2000

Tribute to:

Raymond Wayne McDonald
H&S Co. 3/3

Mack everyone has a friend and they always want to be with or stay in contact with
that friend.  You and I were like brothers, you never saw one without the other.
You heard I had been killed and took it very hard and never found out it was not
true.  I finally found you and learned Viet Nam had come to the states and took you
away before I could find you.

I've cried and laughed about you and for you, but nothing would be like talking to
you.  I've tried but you've never answered back.  But I know I'll walk up on you one
day in the future and we'll laugh, talk and walk together again forever.

Your best friend:


Thurman Moore

Military Tribute

Jonathan L. Stoops
KIA June 6, 1968

"Not one time goes by when conversations are about Vietnam that I
don't think about you."

Johnny O. Holguin
H&S Co. 1st Bn 4th

Tribute to:

L/Cpl James William Lohrey
KIA March 20, 1967
Quang Tri, S. Viet Nam

"To my Godfather who died in South Viet Nam.  Thank you for your valor and bravery,
you have never been forgotten and will always be missed............."

Jon Stewart

Tribute to:

PFC John Henry Franklin
KIA March 21, 1966
Thua Thien

Johnny, although I was too young to
remember you. I do remember your funeral. I remember the marine honor guard and
the casket. I remember your grave underneath a tree. In '94 I went to DC and
searched you out. I found you on the wall. You were not alone, so hopefully you
have some peace. I rubbed your name on two slips of paper. One for me to keep
and another for Aunt Thelma. I sent them to her along with pictures of your name
on the wall as well as the entire wall itself. I hope this did not hurt her too
much for bringing up the painful past. But I knew that she was too old to come
for herself. I wanted her to have some touch of you. We miss you. We love you.
We are grateful that you at home with us. I am sorry I didn't get the
opportunity to get to know you. I wanted to put something here so you would not
be forgotten in this memorial to all of your comrades. Good bye Johnny.

 Don Smith

Tributes to:

Sgt. W.H. Norman, 1st Plt Bravo Co., KIA February 23, 1966 Chu Lai,
South Viet Nam - Hoa Xuan Island. L/Cpl Richard Anthony Groover,
1st Plt Bravo Co., KIA March 20, 1966 at Phu Bai,
South Viet Nam - Operation Oregon. You and 58 thousand more, were the
best that America had to offer. Each day, I am reminded of your sacrifice and
courage in combat.

'For he today that sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother.'

When the big rains come it touches me still. Deep in the mind where images surround.
A ghost in the memory, a shadow on the will of a time and place where heroes were found.
And gun smoke paints the evening sky. The air is heavy and it's always July.

Vaya con Dios and Semper Fi

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