Michael E Stallings



Dad passed away May 25th 2007 from lung cancer, Mike was a strong and courageous man, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17 in November 1962.  He went to Parris Island Recruit Depot, 3rd Battalion platoon 385.

He was in a few different Battalions in his 4 year hitch, he was with Co E 2nd Battalion 1st Marines 1st Marine Division April of 63, Co I 3rd Battalion 9th Marines 3rd Marine Division July 63 - May 64, Co E 2nd Battalion 7th Marines 1st Marine Division July 64 - June 65.  Then it was off to Vietnam with the 2nd Battalion 7th Marines 3rd Marine Division July 65 - November 65, 1st Battalion 4th Marines 3rd Marine division November 65 - March 66.  Some of the places in Vietnam were Qui Nhon, Chu Lai, Phu Bai and Dai Nang, thats a few places I know he was stationed, I imagine there was many more. 

He was an 0331 machine gunner and an ammo man, he was wounded on March 20th 1966 at Phu Bai in a mortar attack.  After rotating around and finally getting back to the states he served his time out and in mid 1967 he left the Marines and married Jeanie Troutman.  They have 4 boy's, Terry, Orville and Tim Jackson and Chris Stallings  

Mike worked several jobs, he mainly drove trucks for different companies, until one day he had a flash back while driving and had a bad wreck which left him with a bad back until the day he died. 

After awhile Mike went to electronics school and worked the vending Business for well over 20 years, he loved working so much that when vacation rolled around he would most of the time go to work and forfeit his vacation.  Later on when Mike got into his 50s his health went down hill to the point of forced retirement. 

Mike loved to fish and camp, he loved sports and spending time with his grandchildren and great granddaughter.  We love and look up to him so much, he is missed by  family and friends. 

Semper Fi Pappy!